Latin American Fashion Awards



Created by Airon Martin in 2018, the brand develops clothing, accessories and furniture, and hopes to communicate, through design, the Brazilianness and regionality of Brazil.

Born in Sinop, a city in Mato Grosso part of the Amazon territory, he was raised by his mother, grandmother and aunts, from whom his creative process is born. Since he was a child, Airon drew dresses and imagined the women in his life walking in them. However, he turned away from fashion and started his trajectory in law school, which he abandoned in order to fit even more into a preconceived standard of masculinity, and started medical school.

At the age of 21, Airon gave up medicine and moved to São Paulo to study design at the IED. He started working with Brazilian furniture design – with Paulo Alves and Marcenaria Trancoso – and secretly continued designing clothes, deconstructing the man he believed he wanted to be. This time, instead of women’s pieces, Airon started designing clothes he would like to wear.

And then he created Misci, with the idea of having a multidisciplinary design studio with the collaboration of friends that, in 2018, materialized in a first collection of clothing and furniture.

The brand starts from this very own mixture of a Mato Grosso with family roots in Ceará and Paraíba, and that originated its name Misci, from Miscigenação. Focusing on Brazilian roots, Misci values Brazilian diversity in all aspects, bringing Brazil and its complexities as the main point of its aesthetics.

In a new concept that includes clothing and furniture in the same creative process, Misci rescues in a political way, the best of the industry and the national raw material, used and recognized by major international brands.

Through Misci, Airon Martin expresses his desire to transmit the value of the individuality of Brazilian design, and the pride of the high quality of the product and the ethical and sustainable manufacturing process, with a largely national raw material and labor.

With transgressive and poetic campaigns, Airon questions post-modern behavior patterns with subtlety and beauty, deconstructed from any archetype. «When we talk about creative economy, we don’t just talk about the final product. It’s about service and valuing a system that is also part of the creative process that is socially more just and psychologically sustainable.»

Inspired by the potentiality of Brazilian design, each piece of the collections seeks to show the strength and quality of what we have in our country, which characterizes Airon’s main challenge with Misci.

From a non-obvious look inside Brazil, the brand mixes aesthetic and cultural elements using an almost entirely national raw material in its collections, in order to resignify the image of brand and country through products and a strong industry. Demonstrating both outside and inside Brazil, the high quality of raw materials and industry that we have in our country.

Misci’s main pillars are sustainability, quality, and valuing the best of what is available in Brazil, both in raw materials and labor.

Sustainability is an essential value for MISCI, which uses organic and recycled fabrics in its pieces and seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its production. Quality is another important pillar, present in all stages of the creation and production process, from the choice of materials to the finishing of the pieces.

Elegance is a fundamental aspect of the brand’s style, which is inspired by strong women and the individuality of Brazilian design.

With these pillars, MISCI builds its identity and positions itself with its main challenge, to resignify the image of brand and country through products and a strong industry.

Airon Martin´s words:

I carry with me a multicultural heritage that reflects the miscegenation present in Brazil. For me, this is the main wealth we have in the country, and it is from this that comes the name of the brand, Misci.

I am of indigenous, Italian, Belgian, and African descent, which connects me to the diversity and unique identity of Latin America. Born and raised in a multicultural country, I understand and take with me the importance of cultural and ethnic references in creating products and brands that have their own identity. I see my Latin American heritage as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and it is from this that the main objective with Misci arises, to give new meaning to the image of the Latin product.

The best silk in the world is made in Brazil. Used by Hermès and Dior, Misci finally incorporated this silk into a Brazilian brand. We need to show that we are not just commodities, to give new meaning to the image of Latin American products in the international fashion scene.

We know that Latin America is a trend. However, the product manufactured here still suffers resistance from the consumer. We work and deliver three times as much to get half as much recognition for what we produce. We are a trend and we are no longer anyone’s colony. Brazil has already been the sixth largest economy in the world, without having to exploit other countries, which shows the richness of what we are and what we produce.

With Latin American heritage as a base, and with the vision of re-signifying the image of fashion, Misci’s challenge is to show the world the true essence of Latin America, reaffirming its position as a creative and economic power.

It is time for Europeans to look at Brazil and Latin America as a powerhouse. It is time for North Americans to see Latin America as America.


Misci uses organic and recycled materials, and seeks to minimize environmental impact in its production. As of 2022 we are a 100% CO2 Neutral company, which means that our processes have their CO2 rate quantified and compensated through forest preservation projects such as the REDD+ Vale do Jari Project, contributing to a lower impact on the environment.

The company is transparent about its practices and processes, seeking to inform its customers about the materials and methods used in its pieces, which come from a socially and environmentally responsible production chain.

Focusing on Brazilian roots, Misci values Brazilian diversity in all aspects, using the best of Brazilian industry and raw materials, used and recognized by major international brands.