Latin American Fashion Awards



CAMILA CASUAL is a womenswear fashion brand operating since 1986, initiating in a small atelier located in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Our collections are carefully made with a strong focus in quality, proudly crafted by Dominican hands.

The design process occurs by a combination of passion, concept, pattern making and harmonization of our own color palettes to create the perfect collection storyline that resembles our muse, the versatile strong women.

We delicately curate our fabrics from all around the world selected by quality and style, as well as with a production process meticulously orchestrated, ensuring internal efficiency and satisfaction upon delivery, keeping up with the international fashion trends.

CAMILA is considered as the leading fashion brand in the Dominican Republic, exporting to Central America and the Middle East, continuing the growth vision of expanding the brand presence globally through partnerships and alliances, negotiating with integrity with all associates.

Our mission statement:

OUR MISSION: To provide joy, distinction, and style to a versatile and strong woman, while maintaining creativity, passion, and integrity.

OUR VIEW: To expand the horizons of CAMILA Casual’s concept while becoming the business partners of our customers.

OUR VALUES: Integrity, Solidarity, and Honesty