Latin American Fashion Awards



Humberto Cubides is a Colombian fashion designer with more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. He created his brand in 2015 using the acronym CUBEL, an amalgam of his two surnames. He has combined his professional training with various artistic disciplines and with the legacy of craftsmanship that he learned in his mother’s school. This combination has allowed him to open his creative mind to experimentation with different fashion concepts, finding his own style and inspiration as an independent designer. His personal experiences, travels and cultural encounters stand at the core of the brand DNA, projecting an urban look through textile experimentation and multicultural representation: from the warriors of ancient millenary cultures and narratives of pre-Hispanic heritages.

Cubel is a men’s designer brand that combines experimental craftsmanship and urban aesthetics. It highlights the stories of warring and pre-Hispanic cultures through avant-garde design and textile exploration. Our creative process builds upon a business model and sustainable practices, working with artisan communities and including their materials and technologies; working between natural and recycled certified fibers. Since 2015, we produce locally in the city of Bogotá and places like Barbosa, Santander and Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca. Each handmade piece undergoes different processes, from embroidery, to weaving and to graphic abstractions, we design original prints in collaboration with local artists – all as a tribute to the craft tradition.

Our creative processes weave together urban aesthetics, experimental craftsmanship and avant-garde design. Our work integrates the representation of pre-Hispanic Latin American cultures and ethnicities, respectfully preserving their stories, stories that bring consumers closer to history and to the extraordinarily diverse legacies of Latin America.

As an independent and authorial brand, we seek to promote practices that build a sustainable language. We do not believe in percentages, but in actions and decisions that wield a long-term impact on our community, customers, partners, employees, staff and the environment. Each piece is a modern, and alternative, interpretation of the past that always seeks to exalt craftsmanship by applying and mixing different aesthetics and techniques, creating textures inspired by nature for men and women who seek and wish to express their own strength and leadership. Cubel seeks to break new ground in the design industry through the creation of garments that represent new identities that move away from the traditional but that also find their inspiration in Colombian craftsmanship.

CUBEL has been in different commercial spaces and fashion platforms, achieving in 7 years since the creation of CUBEL, different goals that place it as a brand that projects international design with the stamp of Colombian heritage. Mixing technology, avant- garde futurism with techniques that heal the traditional techniques of our artisans and cultures. Its artisanal approach intersects with trends and places each piece on a different level from traditional craftsmanship.