Latin American Fashion Awards



I am Founder and Creative Director of FELIPE FIALLO ® luxury footwear company based in Milan, Italy. I was named by Vogue Talents as one of the new representative young talents in the sustainable fashion industry and by Vogue Italy as one of the “Top five sustainable sneakers trends of the 2021”.

My background in industrial designer and material researcher. As head designer of the luxury train of Ecuador, awarded as the most beautiful train in South America, I cultivated my passion for technology, innovation and luxury. After 10 years of leading my awarded design studio in Ecuador and working for relevant companies such as Oakley, Puma , Mastercard and collaborating on social impact projects with United Nations and other organizations, I decided to switch my career to the luxury and raise my voice as Latin-American designer in order to share my culture, vision and passion with the world and to show the power of Latin-American design. Coming from one of the most mega-diverse countries in the world, my narratives combine the colors of indigenous culture, the monumentality of ancestral architecture and the sensuality and harmony of nature using my technical hand.

Today, after working for Ferragamo and collaborating with Stella McCartney and Adidas Maker Lab, I recraft my identity creating a radical new proposal: a cross-contamination between digital fabrication, biology and sustainability to create a future aesthetics focused on a responsible, comfortable and stylish mobility being a conceptual designer, I move between classic, contemporary style aesthetics and sneaker culture.

I was chosen as an innovator and forward thinker to be a speaker in TEDx, 2015, and to be featured in L’Officiel, 2019, Bazaar 2020, Vogue 2021 and recently in Forbes, 2022, among others.

I am the Winner of the “ITS Fondazione Ferragamo 2020”, “Digital Made Contest 2021” and “Global Footwear Awards 2022”. His work is currently exhibited at The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

FELIPE FIALLO® is a high-end revolutionary luxury footwear brand that combines seductive design, disruptive materials,and web 3.0 to deliver a phygital experience redefining the codes of the fashion industry and the culture. It aims to be the first luxury brand to regenerate our Planet through a 360 experience in the WEB 3.0, building a Nature-Positive society.

FELIPE_FIALLO® headquarters are based in the heart of the Fashion world – Milan, Italy. This strategic place allows great access to one of the best Italian artisans and innovators across the country. Each shoe is designed with nature in mind and inspired by the dreamers across the globe.

The pillars FELIPE_FIALLO® stands on are: Integrity, Faith, Determination which form the foundation of our commitment to excellence, resilience in the face of challenges, and the relentless pursuit of innovation and growth.