Latin American Fashion Awards



“Pablo Ramírez is the one who best rescues the Argentine spirit as we see it in the rest of the world. His designs have powerful air of nostalgia and romanticism, that seduce in the same way that Tango does.”
Stephen Gan.

“His designs evoke old school Haute Couture, with a blend of
modern and avant-garde attitude.”
Scott Schuman.

In the year 2000, Pablo Ramírez founded his own label, becoming an undisputed trendsetter of Argentine fashion and a pioneer of author design in the country. Born in Navarro, he studied Clothing Design at the University of Buenos Aires and in 1994, took his first steps at Estudio Mission Impossible in Paris, France, developing denim collections for prestigious brands.

The color black is his definitive hallmark. In his own words: “Black is pure silhouette, there is no distraction, it underlines the person who wears it”. His unique style is referenced in uniforms, religious habits, and classic war movies, from which he rescues austerity, the rigor of the form and the eternal elegance brought together in each of his creations.

He has presented more than fifty collections in the country and on international runway shows, such as New York, Berlin, Stockholm and Madrid. At the same time, he carries out various collaborations, among which stand out: Van Cleef & Arpels and the design of the uniforms for Aerolíneas Argentinas.

His work as a designer and costume designer is acclaimed by expert critics, obtaining multiple awards such as Tijera de Oro, the prestigious Konex award and the Martín Fierro de la Moda award.

The “Ramírez style” freely alludes to the Haute Couture tradition with references from the popular world as in his Pueblo collection of 2002. The way that outlines the concept of elegance is defined as: “For me, elegance is in intelligence, in wisdom, in knowledge, in the books you read, in what you’ve lived, in your experience.” In his aesthetic universe, the color black predominates, with white accents and eventual monochrome incursions that configure his basic tools, so that each one can outline his image.