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Fashion Film

I’m Veronica Modesto, a fashion designer and a very enthusiastic innovator, founder of the brand “Bless My Funk”. Since my early childhood, I have honed my artistic skills through painting and drawing, starting at the age of six.

True to its name, Bless My Funk was born with a mission to celebrate and embrace the uniqueness of individuals, offering them an opportunity to express themselves joyfully through our work.

In the Dominican Republic, a country deeply rooted in tradition, finding space to explore one’s identity can be challenging, especially for those who deviate slightly from the norm. Growing up in an uptight environment as an artist hailing from a family with a distinguished background, I always felt there was something more captivating beyond the confines of my home country, that’s why, immediately after completing high school, I embarked on a journey to Milan to study fashion at the Istituto Marangoni, realizing that my true calling lay in establishing a modern brand that celebrates individuality.

Initially established as a fashion brand in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 2014, Bless My Funk has gained recognition for its innovative use of color, pattern printing, and strong sense of community.

During our fashion years from 2014 to 2018, we achieved notable milestones and recognition in the industry, we had the privilege of showcasing our collections, twice, at Dominicana Moda Fashion Week, and our garments were selected for the official campaign of the Design Week, displayed on billboards featuring the renowned Dominican model Lineisy Montero. We also presented our designs at the MAM of Santo Domingo (Museum of Modern Art).

In 2016, we received an invitation to participate in Mercedes Fashion Week Panamá, furthermore, we were honored to be interviewed by Vogue Talents’ social channels in 2019, an opportunity extended to us by Sara Maino and Pamela Mori.

With the establishment of Bless My Funk Home, we have embraced new opportunities in the design world. In 2019, we had the privilege of participating in the Madrid Design Festival and Design Week Santo Domingo 2019. In 2023, in collaboration with L.A.F.S (Latin American Fashion Summit), we created a special lounge for designers at the event during Design Week 2023. Additionally, we proudly exhibited our products at prestigious trade shows such as Shoppe Object NYC in 2023.

Our design aesthetic draws inspiration from the retro-futuristic aesthetic, the Surrealism movement, and pop culture. We can describe our style as bold, fun, and clever.

Currently, our brand has transitioned into the interior design industry, crafting contemporary and unconventional objects, textiles, and pillows. I believe that the fashion industry possesses a certain flair that sometimes lacks in the interior design industry. Therefore, a core part of our concept involves infusing elements of the fashion world into this new craft. We create captivating audiovisual campaigns, unique characters, and compelling narratives that playfully satirize the Dominican upper class.

And our film is no exception…

Set in “Iman’s House,” the main character revolves around a charismatic and empowered black lady who hosts a special soiree for her ostentatious friends. The purpose of this gathering is to unveil the latest cool item she has acquired, accompanied by drinks and a special show. As Dominicans, we are known for adding a little extra charm to our special rendezvous.

While bringing a magician to entertain guests may seem extravagant to some, it’s a scene I have personally experienced at seemingly “casual” gatherings. I wanted to portray the quintessential group of “fancy” friends who wear outfits that are arguably too extravagant for such a casual night in this Caribbean weather. From Philip Treacy -inspired hats to tuxedos and even fur coats, our characters embody a satirical take on their lifestyle.

Moreover, the storyline serves as a parody of the phenomenon of “coffee table books,” which people often acquire but rarely read. These books are typically purchased for their perceived intellectual value.

The film production involved a talented crew of 30 local individuals and was shot at a townhouse in Santo Domingo, owned by the son of one of the most influential local families, “Los Jimenez.” This connection adds a meaningful dimension to the film. I take great pride in highlighting that the entire production was handled by Bless My Funk, without the involvement of external agencies or third parties.