Latin American Fashion Awards



Agua by Agua Bendita was founded in 2019 to exalt Latin American heritage and craft at the highest standards. With a line that is rich in hand-illustrated prints, hand embroidery, and innovative finishes Agua always seeks to honor sustainability.

The brand was founded by entrepreneurs and designers Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez, and now directly employs more than 300 people; among them single mothers. Upwards of 90% of those employees are women.

Catalina and Mariana’s company policy is, “No one at the company is a lone star, we are all constellations”. Because of that collaborative motto that transcends the in-house team, the brand has participated in collaborations with spectacular brands like Gucci’s Gucci Vault, Misette, Carolina Bucci and artists like Stefania Tejada.

With a presence that transcends more than 60 countries, among the most sophisticated stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods, and ever-growing categories; Agua is prepared to conquer the world.


Agua by Agua Bendita stands on the shoulders of great women artisans who keep crafts alive. Through the creation of pieces that honor Latin American biodiversity, botanical iconography, and Latin American traditions and narratives.

In each collection we seek to explore new corners of the Latin American imagination: legends, species, artists, and archetypes; as we create for a woman that enjoys the feminine energy in science, exploration, adventure, and nature. Our in-house team of designers and illustrators painstakingly explores each of these stories and flower species with hand-painted prints and specially engineered patterns.

All the pieces are made in Colombia, always keeping waste and fair-trade practices in mind; the hand-embroidered pieces are also a cornerstone of the brand; all embroidered by women; some pieces include even 200 hours of handiwork.