Latin American Fashion Awards



ANDREA ZUCKERMANN (ZUCKI), has made of life: a sensitive, energetic corner of strong skin and tenacious heart. She was born in Mexico City in 1997, where she currently lives and works. With an authentic and competitive personality, she developed a passion for sports since she was a child, accumulating fourteen years of gymnastics, four years of tennis, and three years of volleyball, as well as a great sensitivity for singing, reading, and visual arts.

Zucki studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana where her interest in the socio-cultural relationships between objects and their environment was born. Shortly after, she spent time at Central Saint Martins in London, a city where she enriched her artistic side. The constant connection between design, culture, and the social field, led Zucki to develop a passion for fashion, materializing it through a specialty in Fashion Image and Styling at the Marangoni Institute in Paris.

In 2020, Andrea suffered an accident that left her paraplegic, but this did not prevent her from achieving her goals. The Zucki of her childhood wrote songs, but the Zucki of the present transformed those lyrics into a book that links her life with fiction. Relatively soon after the accident, she signed a contract with one of Mexico’s most recognized modeling agencies, Queta Rojas (currently with Gh Management), and became deeply involved in social issues such as representing people with disabilities, especially those in wheelchairs.

As people became intrigued by the story Zucki had to tell, she began to give talks on topics such as self-love, individual mortality, and inclusion. Among her favorite topics is universal architecture, which aims to allow all people to use and enjoy an object or the environment by themselves, regardless of their physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities. She is now an ambassador for COMUNAL, a Mexican social impact and sustainable development agency and consultant.

Never more comfortable and satisfied with her skin and personality, Zucki found her own path and took it by the reins. She likes to escape from the ordinary and challenge herself.