Latin American Fashion Awards



Daniela Villegas is a Mexican artist, who creates one-of-a-kind fine jewelry inspired by nature. A passionate observer of Mother Earth,  Daniela has an intense curiosity of nature’s nuances and is inspired by lifeforms, conversations, books, and travel. She often combines real, organic elements such as beetles, porcupine quills, feathers, and shells, with 18K gold and precious and semi-precious gemstones, thus manifesting her unique style.

Daniela Villegas founded her namesake label in 2008, using cherished memories and events to narrate tales of freedom, joy, evolution, and love of life in every piece of fine jewelry she masterfully creates. The designer resides with her family in Los Angeles, California where all of her unique pieces are hand crafted.

Through a deeply personal design lens, Daniela Villegas brings the natural world to life through the insects, animals and folkloric characters which inhabit the designer’s magical universe.

Consciously handcrafted by skilled local artisans who bring the designer’s dreams into reality by simultaneously weaving historic techniques and modern innovation through each piece; every product is unique, much like Villegas’s view of the world.

Rooted and devoted to the planet and social responsibility, Daniela Villegas is committed to bettering the world through her numerous philanthropic endeavors. Amongst her core values are: originality, atemporality, quality, commitment to the planet, evolution, transparency and the importance of happiness and emotional connection.