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In Ecocitex we make recycled clothing wool. We sell and donate clothing in good conditions and recycle used clothing in poor conditions.

Purpose of Ecocitex: Eliminate textile waste from Chile through a circular economy model, generating a great social and environmental contribution in the process.

Chile is the first importer of second-hand clothing in the world. Chile is the country that consumes the most clothing, with an increase of 80% in the last 5 years, going from 13 to 50 new garments per year on average.

73% of clothing ends up in landfills or energy recovery. It is estimated that in Chile 39,000 tons of highly polluting clothing is discarded in the desert every year. In addition to having micro-trash dumps throughout the country.

We mitigated 5.8 tons of CO2 equivalent for each ton of clothing we recycle. We also give women in social reintegration work, training them in a job which was thought extinct in Chile.

We make recycled wool from clothing in bad conditions collected and recycled in Chile, without using water or dyes in the process.

3 Pillars:


– We hire women in the process of social reinsertion.
– We are part of the 10X challenge.
– We donate clothes to all the people who go to Ecocitex requesting a donation of clothes.
-We run campaigns to donate wool to volunteers and donate blankets for people in vulnerable situations.


– We are a pioneering textile circular economy company in Chile.
– We are in full growth and to be self-sustaining, reviving an industry in danger of extinction.
– The challenge is to become economically sustainable in order to continue increasing our social and environmental contribution.


– We give the best use to each garment: We reuse, convert and only recycle what has no other use.
– We do not use water or dyes in our textile recycling process.
– 1 ton of our recycling process mitigates 5.8 tons of carbon footprint


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