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Identical twins and first generation Cuban-Americans, Elliot & Erick Jiménez were born and raised in Miami by Cuban immigrants and now reside in New York. Elliot & Erick have been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years, they started their career in Miami before moving to New York. Throughout their career, they’ve collaborated with brands such as Gucci, Christopher John Rogers and Hermès. Editorially, they’ve worked with Vogue Italia, Vogue Mexico, and Allure, amongst others and just did their first project for American Vogue, out in the 2023 September issue.

In April 2023, Elliot & Erick made history by photographing Bad Bunny for the first ever all Spanish cover of TIME magazine, in the publication’s 100 year history.

Working at the intersection of art and fashion, they’ve also held exhibitions of their work worldwide, participating in Photo Vogue Festival at Base Milan (2022), as well as giving a talk at the event alongside other Condé Nast editors like Alessia Glaviano, Edward Enninful and Chiara Nonino. They were also selected by the editors of Vogue Italia to collaborate with Gucci Beauty for a project that was unveiled at the festival.

Additionally, they had their debut solo show at Spinello Projects in Miami, titled Entre Dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds (2022) and a solo presentation within the curiosa sector at the 25th edition of Paris Photo (2022). Their works are also featured in museum exhibitions, which currently includes Open Storage at the Bass Museum, Miami (currently on view) and the Orlando Museum of Art in Orlando (currently on view). They were recently awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Orlando Museum, for the annual Florida Prize in Contemporary Art show, which every year selects 10 artists, originally from Florida, to host an exhibition and gala–– an event that announces one winner from the show for a $20,000 prize.

In September 2023, Elliot & Erick will be showing in NY for the first time at Photo Fairs New York, a photographic art fair, running concurrent with The Armory at the Javits Center.

Elliot & Erick Jiménez’s photographic practice began from an early passion for art history and influences derived from a theological upbringing, which explored the mysticism of gods in mythology, Yoruba and Catholic elements. Inspired by paintings, their work portrays the ephemeral nature of light and color through movement and the composition of their subjects, typically rendering them like a painting.

Finding a commonality through their visual approach rather than by the subject, their work captures a sense of emotive sentiment within the intersection of art and fashion. In their relatively short career, Elliot & Erick have developed a personal approach to photography that is meticulously constructed by concept and chromatic arrangements, while celebrating the cultural diversity of their own upbringing.