Latin American Fashion Awards



Olá. We are FARM Rio – a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro that believes in the existence of happiness. More than a brand, we create enlightened cultural movements since 1997. Our journey is now woven together by a diverse community rooted in Brazil and yet spread around the globe. We comprise a passionate team of 2000 employees with 87,7% female leadership and an extensive network of collaborators – including artists, artisans, collectives, and non-governmental organizations – that showcase Brazilian talent in all its forms.

But over two decades ago, our story began with not more than a small booth at an independent market, envisioned by two friends: Kátia Barros and Marcelo Bastos, who still lead as our brand’s directors. Embracing a unique value proposition of developing in-house, original prints inspired by our natural wonders and their colors, FARM Rio quickly became a tropical fever all over the country, forever reshaping the landscape of the Brazilian fashion industry.

Easy to wear and hard to forget, our garments reflect our continuous pursuit to bring the rich heritage of our culture into the daily exercise of getting ready and playing with style. With themes and collaborations that cherish Brazilian’s endless imagination, our collections can now be found in 100 company-owned stores and 1500 stockists from north to south. An achievement that made us the leading brand of Grupo Soma, Brazil’s largest fashion retail group.

In 2014 we joined forces with Adidas, spreading our prints across 133 countries throughout eighteen successful collections – and the story continues. This ongoing partnership marked a pivotal moment, propelling us to take bold strides. So, in 2019, our journey took us abroad. In this bright-new chapter, our colorful styles landed in many places worldwide, starting in the United States with stores in NYC, Miami & Los Angeles, alongside the presence in top retailers, and afterward in Europe with pop-ups in renowned department stores in Paris, London & Milan such as Le Bon Marché, Liberty, Samaritaine, Rinascente, and Net-A-Porter. Along this way, we’ve partnered with other esteemed international brands like Starbucks, Levi’s, Havaianas, and Smiley.

2022-2023 was an exceptional year for our history. Among our most outstanding achievements, we launched our first traveling art installation, ‘ Surreal Nature.’ While all our architectural endeavors, particularly those concerning our international stores, aim to showcase and elevate the work of Brazilian artists, this immersive pop-up experience can be described as our most ambitious project to date.

Spanning an impressive 120 square meters and eight shop windows, ‘Surreal Nature’ was designed in collaboration with renowned artist Gringo Cardia, culminating in a creative takeover of Milan’s iconic Rinascente Duomo department store. The highlight is an array of giant, hand-made sculptures crafted in partnership with the Proeza Institute, a UNESCO-recognized organization that empowers women through the ancient arts of embroidery and crochet.

The installation has positively affected 200 artisans and their families, but other collectives also grace the space. Social organizations such as Ponto Firme, Lab UniPreta, and Maceió Mais Inclusiva, alongside artisan groups from the Ilha do Ferro community, or the Kayapó and Yawanawá people, contribute their artistry, weaving together diverse narratives that speak to the essence of Brazil.

The selection of these partners reflects our dedication to developing and promoting sustainable initiatives that holistically encompass the social, environmental, and economic aspects. Another prime example is our ‘1 purchase = 1 tree planted’ project, through which we achieved the milestone of planting over 1 million trees across 6 Brazilian biomes in 2022, positively impacting biodiversity and local communities.

We are also proud to have established a long-term partnership with the Yawanawá People in the Amazon region, which has empowered 160 indigenous artisans and brought internet connectivity to 7 villages. But in 2022, our brand got involved with 81 other individuals, collectives, and non-profit organizations selected by public call. Through the RE-FARM Cria program, we invested in 60 initiatives led by black and brown individuals and 48 led by cis and transgender women. These and other projects are inour annual sustainability report, now in its third edition.

Additionally, it is important to highlight that to uphold the integrity of these initiatives, FARM Rio has established a racial and LGBTQIA+ equality committee. Since 2021, we have been implementing an action plan to advance the careers of Black and Indigenous people at all company levels, providing diversity and inclusion training and qualification programs and fostering other measures to transform our brand’s inner culture.

Participating in the Latin American Fashion Awards signifies more than just celebrating 25 years of triumphs and lessons learned. It represents our pride in being a brand that fosters a fashion movement that draws inspiration from local treasures and traditions and embodies the spirit of Brazil and Latin America in every aspect. Our garments are living stories of our culture, blending craftsmanship with contemporary design. Our commitment to detail is rooted in our creative process, ensuring that every piece, image, and experience is not only visually stunning but meaningful – exuding the joy, warmth, and openness our people are famous for.