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Gleeson Paulino was born in Eldorado, a tiny but rapidly urbanising city nestled in Mato Grosso Do Sul, a state famous for its nature and biodiversity. At the age of 17 Gleeson was enabled to depart the confines of his home-town life and strict religious upbringing via a music program for young people from his community, landing in Europe in the city of Vienna.

This journey organically extended when a trip to London saw the artist inspired to pick up the camera and his creativity began to blossom. London offered a catalyst for the artist’s personal and creative expression to evolve in parallel and would become his home for next 7 years.

On returning to Brazil Gleeson’s technical talent and poetic vision, mixed with his lived experience of straddling European and South American cultures through his formative years, quickly fed into him emerging as a welcome shift in the lens of the country’s visual artists.

In 2021, I-D magazine named Gleeson one of the leading Brazilian photographers to follow. In 2019, Gleeson exhibited for the first time at SP Foto with Lamb London Gallery, followed by a presentation Le Salon Des Beaux Art. In 2022, he held is first solo exhibition in Sao Paulo presenting his latest series Baptismo. The project won awards in Italy (Cortona On The Move), Slovenia (Kranj Photo Festival) and Holland (Lens Culture critics choice prize) as well as two gold medals at Le Salon Des Beaux Art in Paris.

The exhibition Baptismo is currently touring Brazilian Embassies around the world and a book was released in March 2023.

Paulino’s photography process is deeply influenced by the captivating nature and cherished memories of his childhood in Brazil. The folk tales passed down by his father, intertwined with the vast landscapes surrounding their home, have left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. As he captures the awe-inspiring beauty of Brazil’s landscapes, Paulino possesses a rare gift for uncovering the hidden charm within the simplest moments of daily life. With a discerning eye, he skillfully reveals the divine essence that resides within these ordinary scenes, infusing them with a captivating allure.

A dedicated enthusiast of natural light, Paulino harnesses its ethereal qualities to illuminate his subjects, resulting in captivating and emotive compositions. Even in the controlled environment of a studio, he diligently strives to recreate the enchanting magic of natural light, preserving the authentic ambiance found in his outdoor captures. As a native Brazilian, colors are an integral part of Paulino’s artistic vision. He artfully integrates the vibrant hues found in exotic wildlife and the nuanced palettes of rural landscapes into his work.

The profound love for vivid and lively colors, deeply ingrained in the Brazilian people, serves as a driving force in Paulino’s photography. His work is infused with the contagious spirit that resonates throughout the nation, taking viewers on a captivating visual journey that celebrates the splendor of Brazil’s natural wonders.