Latin American Fashion Awards



Founded in 2003 in Cali, Colombia, Johanna Ortiz draws from the Power of the Feminine – the allure of complexity, the mark of individuality, and a celebration  of the exquisite.

Precise in construction and exuberant in character, each piece asserts a commitment to excellence and originality. Each collection reexamines the style through visionary design, intricate artistry, and the interplay between the beauty of nature and the glamour and sophistication of an urban metropolis.

Johanna Ortiz has laid the foundation for longevity through a Commitment to Community and Purpose. She has met growth with strategic insight, developing a State-of-the-Art Atelier in her hometown (Cali, Colombia), encouraging the conservation of artisanal legacies, promoting social inclusion, cultivating innovative craftsmanship, and encouraging playful creativity.

“We believe in the value of making our products locally and in caring for every detail while generating social inclusion. We recognize the importance of holistic growth hand in hand with our people and our planet. For 19 years, we have grown organically and sustainably: dress  by dress, collection by collection, person by person. The team we have built is our greatest success.”

Vertical integration is not just smart business; it’s the operational certainty that lies at  long lasting social impact beyond profits, and beyond capital. A family of 460 employees (78% WOMEN), who remain dedicated to staying together, continuing to offer  the elegance, joy and beauty that so perfectly represents the  people and spirit of her hometown.

The “Escuela Johanna Ortiz” is an onsite training program which was founded in 2016 to develop professional level seamstress and high-end embroidery skills, enhance talent and promote the inclusion of vulnerable population and local artisans’ suppliers, to improve their quality of life and give them tools to create personal empowerment. 118 people have benefit from the program (2016-2023), 72% of them joined her team. The second Class of 2023 is a group of 19 women and 1 man between 18 and 40 years from Cali and near municipalities, who will study and develop seamstress skills for six months.

Giving back to her Colombian Amazon. So far she’d:

  • Planted 2036 trees in the Amazon with local indigenous communities.
  • Gave economic and social support to 16 indigenous families.
  • Offsetted 2000 tons of CO2.
  • Planted 300 trees to help preserve local traditional medicine and ancestral knowledge.
  • Restored 10 hectares of degraded Amazon Forest.
  • Supported the biodiversity of the humid tropical forests ecosystem.

“Find your gift and give it away”, Johanna Ortiz.