Latin American Fashion Awards



My history in fashion begins when I was a child. I started as a model and despite the fact that it was a demanding job and with a lot of sacrifice, I was always passionate about it. Little by little I was positioning myself in this industry thanks to the fact that renowned national designers began to have me on their catwalks at different fashion events in Colombia. Parallel to this, I had the opportunity to work from a very young age on national television. Without a doubt, this exhibition also helped me to position myself in the Colombian fashion industry and, in a certain way, paved the way for me to start my journey in the social networks. Also, due to this recognition that I was receiving, I began to become a spokesperson for the fashion industry on a slightly more international scale. My presence outside of Colombia began to grow stronger in the fashion world when I had the opportunity to do some projects with E! Entertainment.

They were years of knocking on doors, looking for big international brands, sometimes receiving the answer I didn’t want, achieving dreams that seemed impossible before, but I feel that each of these moments led me to where I am today. Some time ago when I was analyzing how my path had been, I realized that many times I did not receive much help, that at times I was alone in front of the fashion giants. This was precisely one of the reasons that led me to want to have a space where I could support and empower other girls who, like me, dream of being part of this industry. This is how MTZ Agency was born, a boutique agency that seeks to care for and support content creators. If I’m honest, I see the little Laura from a few years ago in many of the girls who are part of this project today. This is one of the reasons why I work every day, because I want them to find support in me to be able to be part of the world of fashion.

Parallel to my work in networks and with the agency, I recently had the opportunity to start a brand of swimwear. It was a dream that I had for a long time, but I knew that to fulfill it I had to team up with people who understood the fashion industry and who knew all about business. With Sea Salt I have had the opportunity to see another angle of this industry, one that I was totally unaware of before, but that has helped me grow even more in it and continue to support it.

Estoy segura que este es un camino del cual aún hay mucho que aprender, pero sé que juntas somos más fuertes. Uno de mis objetivos es seguir uniendo personajes de esta industria para poder acompañar y potenciar todo el talento que hay. Quería compartir un poco de mi historia con ustedes para que conozcan mi trayecto, el camino que he hecho y algunos de mis objetivos.

I am sure that this is a path from which there is still much to learn, but I know that together we are stronger. One of my objectives is to continue uniting people in this industry in order to accompany and strengthen all the talent there is. I wanted to share a little of my story with you so you can get to know my journey, the path I have created, and some of my goals.