Latin American Fashion Awards



Santiago Sierra Soler was born and raised in Mexico City. With an education in the classical arts of painting, music and performance, he pursued a career across photography, film and art direction. His portraits have a poetic grace in their simplicity. The films he directs are energetic, whilst still retaining a sense of romance. He has the ability to actualize projects across various industries and platforms, bridging the gap between fashion, beauty, branded content and entertainment.

Santiago has collaborated with numerous renowned clients and publications, including HBO, Chanel, Dior, Nike, Estée Lauder, Swarovski, Carolina Herrera, Maybelline, Diesel, i-D, Vogue, and Interview Magazine, to name a few. Santiago is currently based between New York City and Mexico City where he is working on script-writing and his passion for animals and environmental projects.

“We are living in what it’s probably the most exciting time for human history. I believe the world is waking up to deeper understandings on how we can evolve and live more connected and at peace with nature. At the same time the stakes have never been higher, the risks are immense and the challenges seem imposible. That is exactly why we need to make it fun and exciting, that way we can implement new habits and truly take action.

My work is highly personal, every project is a creative challenge to ignite relevant conversations.” – Santiago Sierra Soler