Latin American Fashion Awards



Stephania is fashion stylist and creative director born in Colombia and based in Spain.

Stephania Yepes has spent many years developing her discourse and her stories through images, shapes, colors and textures. It is clear that in her work there are certain elements that are constant and without going any further, we can conclude that they are important to her. Women, diversity, traditions, beauty in everyday life, the natural. They are not strange or foreign topics for the majority, but the way of working with them is very personal.

“I was born in Cali (Colombia), in the golden age of beauty pageants, which were my first sources of inspiration.”

When I was very little I emigrated to Spain, keeping my roots always alive. The nostalgia for that magical realism fueled my creativity, which I now use as a flag of my identity and as a cure for that same nostalgia.

I use the privilege that emigration gave me to be part of the change in my territory.”