Latin American Fashion Awards



Tiempo de Zafra is an atelier established in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic that works exclusively with pre-consumer textile excess that is discarded by tailors and factories, as well as pieces from second-hand clothing markets. All patterns and garments are made in our workshop, where these materials are reworked and recycled into unique pieces.

Creating with these materials guides the design and production of our garments, extending the life cycle of the fabric itself. Since we run our own production, we control how the excess is used and ensure that it does not end up in landfills. This is essential to our modus operandi as “doubling the life of clothing to one or two years can help reduce emissions from apparel production and disposal by up to 24%” (Greenpeace).

As an alternative to fast fashion, our approach defies conventional consumerism as each piece is a collaboration between Tiempo de Zafra and our customers. The color, design, pattern, and fit are conceptualized with each person, which allows us to create unrepeatable and inclusive pieces for all body types and needs. When someone wears Tiempo de Zafra, there is a transparent and direct link to how it was made, where it was made, and what hands made it, which strengthens the connection to each garment and accessory.

We have worked with diverse artists such as Tokischa, Red6xteen, Kiko the Crazy, and many more to create custom pieces that merge their visions with our techniques, all while experimenting with our capabilities. These relationships are in collaboration with Paulus Music, a record company building a network of creatives in the Dominican Republic.

Beyond creating pieces, we are a community-based content production team. We explore the street to find our models and locations; characters and places that are part of the world we want to exalt. Tiempo de Zafra illuminates the reality of everyday life to visualize an alternative style for Dominican culture.