Latin American Fashion Awards


Director Creativo

My name is Jorge Brown, and I am a designer and the founder of Design Week Dominican Republic (DWRD). I studied Visual Merchandising at La Escuela de Diseño, Altos de Chavón, followed by Advertising at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), and further honed my skills in Art Direction at La Escuela de Diseño, Altos de Chavón.

I had the honor of being recognized as one of Latin American design’s most visionary young voices by Architectural Digest in 2023 and received the Best of Dominican Republic awards from Revista Mercado in 2022. My interior design projects in the Caribbean and the United States evoke a sense of nostalgic beauty, reminiscent of postcards from exquisite imaginary places. In my hometown of Santo Domingo, I am known for creating unforgettable theme parties for corporate events and high-end residential projects that seamlessly blend Latin American sculpture and painting with mid-century European pieces.

Additionally, I have pioneered unique interior typologies for coastal residences in beach enclaves like La Romana, challenging traditional design proposals. My work has been featured in esteemed publications such as ¡HOLA! Dominican Republic, Architectural Digest Mexico, Manera Spain, AD Italy, and Design Hunter.

Beyond my design work, I founded Design Week Dominican Republic, an annual event that brings together the design industry in my home country. DWRD showcases fashion, architecture, crafts, furniture design, and collectible objects, contributing to the promotion of the Caribbean and Central America as a hub for the creative industries. In this edition, we invited the Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) to be part of it, in order to foster the dialogue on fashion design in the Dominican Republic. We also invited panelists from different parts of Latin America in the areas of fashion, craftsmanship, design, and architecture to speak and inspire discussions on sustainable design and local identity.

As Latin America emerges as an exciting design region on a global scale, I am honored to be considered one to watch. With my dedication and innovative approach, I am committed to shaping the future of design and furthering the recognition of Latin American talent.

My design work is characterized by a style that defies classification. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as 1950s Italian cinema, Saint Laurent’s Morocco, and the rich textile traditions of Central Asia, I create interiors that transport viewers to imagined realms of beauty. My creations are rooted in the ancestral and contemporary artisanal production of my native Dominican Republic and Latin America.

As Latin America continues to rise as a globally recognized design region, I am humbled to be acknowledged as one to watch. With a privileged and daring eye, I embrace unexpected combinations infused with elegance and wit. My vision is to contribute to the evolution of Latin American design, captivating audiences, and pushing boundaries in the pursuit of creativity. That’s why I have created the Design Week RD. It is important to me to amplify the voices of Latin American designers and artisans who have a unique vision and become ambassadors of our culture.