Latin American Fashion Awards



A NEW CROSS is a brand founded in 2011 in Bogotá, driven by questioning and reinterpreting the contemporary imaginary of Colombian/Latin American identity. A minimalist, monochromatic and urban proposal that looks towards the future, inspired by the Latin American heritage from the artisanal work with communities of the rural savannah.

Thanks to a small-scale production model and co-creation with artisan communities, the development of high-quality, durable and exclusive garments that promote conscious and sustainable consumption is ensured, thus guaranteeing best practices.

Social and environmental.

A project that with more than 15 collections has celebrated diversity and freedom of identity through menswear, womenswear and unisex pieces. Making visible the work of dozens of Colombian artisans in the main stages, stores and museums of more than 12 countries around the world.

About the Designer

My name is Agustín Nicolás Rivero, I am a publicist by profession and a designer by conviction. I have been making clothes for over 17 years. 10 of which I have been the creative director of the brand A NEW CROSS.

I understand clothing as the minimum habitable space, it not only protects us but also communicates who we are. In this way, the textile that makes up these architectures in itself becomes a great memory container.

When designing I establish a dialogue between two worlds; The artisan and the contemporary. I do not make handicrafts although my pieces involve a high manual rigor, as well as a deep respect and admiration for crafts and craft traditions. On the other hand, I always seek to open spaces for co-creation with the artisans I work with to develop new ways of understanding crafts based on their knowledge and the contemporary perspective that characterizes my projects.

I design based on my travel experiences where the exploration and search for techniques, history and materials become the prologue of a story that is completed when the end user treasures a piece that has passed through many hands, being me a cog in a gear that collaborates in the direction and decision-making of a product that stands out not only for its design characteristics, but also for the relevance of the message it houses.