Latin American Fashion Awards



At Ayni, we believe in the Peruvian turn of phrase, “Today for you, Tomorrow for me.” Us founders, Adriana Cachay and Laerke Skyum, came together with a shared vision to create a brand that honours ancient Peruvian traditions, promotes environmental and social sustainability, and uses only the finest Peruvian materials such as Pima cotton and Alpaca wool, as well as upcycled materials. We work closely with Peruvian artisans to handcraft every single garment and use ancient textile traditions to create designs that channel culture. Driving social and economic development, creating decent job opportunities, and being changemakers in the local and international fashion and apparel industry is our goal and therefore, we have created our own certification centre “Ayni Certify”, which offers training and certification to collaborators and supports artisans in small communities.

Strengthening artisan communities and fostering craftsmanship whilst producing sustainable and durable clothing is the driving force of AYNI and therefore, we consider it important to only produce with high-quality fibres. We also value certification of manufacturing origin and solely source our materials from farms that prioritise animal welfare and environmental sustainability. We continuously explore innovative methods to incorporate responsible fibres into our products, including natural plant-based dyes and recycled fibres.

AYNI represents more than a name – it’s a lifestyle and a commitment to a better tomorrow. We promote sustainable production and supply chain management, aiming to set an example for the local and international fashion industry. By employing over 300 artisans and having certified 2100+ people throughout Peru, we are preserving Peruvian cultural heritage whilst making a positive socio-economic impact, contributing towards gender equality and creating a better environment for our planet. We have authentic relations with the artisans and create value by mutual benefit from our production process.

We are motivated by the belief that ethics and esthetics can join hands, and therefore, by blending Scandinavian minimalism and the cool factor with Peruvian craftsmanship and textile heritage, we have created a unique brand that provides high-quality clothing for you today while promoting sustainable development for tomorrow.