Latin American Fashion Awards



My name is Maria Corina Diaz but my friends call me Maco. I am a 29 years old Fashion Filmmaker from Caracas, Venezuela with a very intense and creative mind.

I studied Social Communication at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, and graduated in 2020.

I have worked with brands inside and outside of Venezuela, such as Efrain Mogollon, Sloggy, Anciela London, Yenny Bastida, Nayibe Warchausky and more.

Fashion Film “Regreso a Venezuela” for Vogue Mexico:

Taking notes from the February 1976 and November 1978 Vogue Italia cover stories, Regreso a Venezuela wants to honor and exhibit the rich, still-vibrant Venezuelan culture, long overshadowed by the polarized political climate and socioeconomic crisis. The editorial aims to create a parallelism between the booming 70s and the current air of relief and grandeur that surrounds the country, celebrating Venezuela’s diverse heritage, its women and folklore –once again, through the Vogue lens.