Latin American Fashion Awards



VERDI is a Colombian textile studio that reinterprets tradition to create unique home, fashion, and art pieces by intertwining natural fibers with contemporary materials.

Our story begins in the Colombian mountains in 1995 with Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in Latin American textile design who, with the help of a local coffee-sack weaver, develops a unique weaving technique where he intertwines local materials to craft unique fiber-rugs. It is years later, however, when he decides to customize his own looms and add metal threads to these rugs, that his technique becomes a revolutionary legacy.

After “Charlie’s” passing in 2010, his son Tomás and his daughter Cristina decide to honor his life and legacy by bringing back his craft. Through a renovated concept, the siblings craft an idea that even today, speaks of Colombia and its heartwarming traditions. They call this idea “VERDI” as an ode to their late father’s last names: Vera Dieppa.

VERDI is now a multidimensional textile studio that embodies the very essence of artisanal Latin identity. Through the reinvention of traditional techniques and the utilization of natural fibers, VERDI creates unique fashion pieces that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Colombia as a testament to the country’s natural beauty, cultural diversity, and the enduring spirit of its people. Our VERDI Mochila has become an intriguing symbol of Latin American flair carrying the studio’s unwavering belief that exceptional, sustainable craft is today’s ultimate luxury.